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The Video Surveillance industry is one of the most rapidly growing global industries over the past decade. Even during these trying economic times, theVideo Surveillance Industry is expected to grow 27% during 2009-2012. As the concern for safety and security rises, more & more businesses understand the value and necessity of a Video Surveillance system. Plus, Video Surveillance systems are more affordable now than ever.

Implementing a Video Surveillance System at your business will positively affect your bottom line. We guarantee you’ll see a return on investment by preventing incidents and reducing your liability. Here are some benefits to Video Surveillance:

  • Creates a sense of safety and security for your staff.
  • Creates a disciplined work environment.
  • Provides necessary information and evidence of incidents.
  • Proactively deters crime, theft and vandalism in the work place & on company property.
  • Provides proper authorities with vital footage.
  • Can reduce the cost of insurance by protecting you against false claims.
  • Can be viewed remotely from a tablet or smart phone.

IntraLogic Solutions has installed and integrated thousands of Security Systems, and we’re listed on the New York State Security Systems and Solutions Contract as an approved Security Systems Installer. We’ve provided services for all types of applications, from small & large businesses, Government Agencies & Municipalities. We offer one of the industry’s best warranties, covering our parts and our labor for three years. We deal with a variety of vendors, allowing us to find the best solution for your application and work within your budget.